Editor’s Message

Editor’s Message 2017-10-12T11:04:42+00:00

In the 25th anniversary year of both the establishment of NEU Faculty of Architecture and my career in the faculty, I am highly honoured and pleased to make the announcement of the first issue of Journal of Near Architecture as an academic journal.

Journal of Near Architecture will be making contributions by presenting significant issues and current problems through researches for suggesting scientific solutions and recommendations to the fields of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture via articles.

With the help of this journal as an academic product of NEU Faculty of Architecture, not only a new scientific publication will be added to the academic area but also academicians will have chance to share and promote their researches and studies within an international dimension.

It is a pleasure and enthusiastic for us that both academicians from other universities and also professionals have displayed a remarkable interest to the journal’s first issue via their articles. I would like to thank to dear Prof. Dr. Şengül Ö. Gür for her effort and support regarding the publication of our journal with qualified articles and also would like to thank to instructor dear Elif Atamaz Daut regarding her valuable contribution for the cover design of our journal.

I wish success and express my respects to all colleagues and academicians who will contribute within the journal’s publication process.

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