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Editor’s Message 2018-03-29T09:16:51+00:00
We are happy and excited of publishing the second issue of our journal again with qualified scientific articles. The very positive reactions and appreciation we have received from our university and other academic circles with the publication of our first census gave us a sincere and enthusiastic preparation for publishing the next issue as soon as possible.The European Union’s recognition of architecture, as one of seven professions related to human health within the framework of free movement of professions, emphasizes the importance of architecture for humanity.Field studies and practice laboratories for the continuous development of the profession in the national and international arena, as well as the reflections in the scientific literature, are of utmost importance.It is also a pleasure for us as a means of professional and academic contribution that our magazine undertakes the task of communicating academics and colleagues to share their research and studies in the field of architecture.We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this publication by participating in this issue with valuable researches and studies and contributing to the sustainability of our journal with the same excitement as ours.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zihni TURKAN

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