The Evaluation of Interior Architecture of Restorations and Re-Uses Applied in Mansions: The Case Study of Mardin Boutique Hotel

  • Havva Arslangazi Uzunahmet Assistant professor
  • Zeynel Çağlar Ayanoğlu
Keywords: Mardin, Mansions, Re-Uses, Traditional Houses, Boutique Hotel


Historical buildings, which lost their functions due to changing conditions over time, need to be restored and re-use due to various environmental and economic factors. It is compulsory to make these within the framework of certain rules since historical buildings are a part of cultural heritage. Located in the Southeastern Anatolia region, Mardin is a city that hosts different cultures, beliefs, and ethnic origins together, develops and maintains this development based on its history, and preserves its originality in its traditional texture and structures to a great extent. With the increasing tourism activities in the province of Mardin in recent years, it has been aimed to evaluate and re-use historical buildings. In this study, the architectural and interior architecture analysis of the compatibility of the renovations and re-usings of the mansions during the historical development and sustainability of the city with the urban texture through an example called Darius Mansion, which is given the function of a boutique hotel, is made.