Architectural Evaluation Analysis by Using GIS, Case Study: Kaleiçi, Antalya

  • Ayşe Hazal Aygün Near East University
  • Ali Cemil Düzgün
Keywords: Architectural evaluation, geographical informational systems, GIS.


Antalya has hosted different civilizations throughout history. Kaleiçi region is a protected region with high historical value, bearing traces of many civilizations. Due to the existence of different civilizations at different times, the historical texture of the region has been shaped.

In order to assist users in location-based decision-making processes for solving social, economic, and environmental problems, Geographical Informational System provides data; collection, storage, processing, management, spatial analysis, query, and presentation functions.

The aim of this study is, explain the architectural evaluation of Kaleici, Antalya by using the Geographical Informational Systems and ArcMap program. This study aims to explain the analysis and interpret the results.