Evaluation of the Green Infrastructure Concept within a Theoretical Framework

  • ipek Yaralıoğlu Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi
  • Buket Asilsoy
Keywords: Sustainability; urban green infrastructure; theoretical evaluation


In recent years, we are facing ecological problems all over the world. Global warming and climate change are just some of the consequences of this process. In this context, sustainable urban development has emerged as a key concept. It can be stated that the concept of green infrastructure is an important element of sustainable cities. Green infrastructure refers to the network of natural, semi-natural, public and privately owned areas that are strategically planned and managed. As the components of the green infrastructure system, natural habitats, green corridors, open and green areas in the urban landscape are associated with each other and contribute to the development of the urban ecology. In this context, the subject of this study is the concept of urban green infrastructure, which is gaining importance day by day. The definition, planning and components of the concept of green infrastructure within the framework of sustainable urban development have been investigated by the quantitative method in a theoretical evaluation. After the literature review including this research, results and recommendations have been developed.