Notes for Contributors

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  1. “Near Architecture” is a refereed journal published twice a year.
  2. Manuscripts should be written in Turkish or English.
  3. Copyrights of the articles appearing, in the journal belong to Near Architecture. It is mandatory for referencing of the published works of the journal.
  4. Manuscripts submitted to Near Architecture Journal should be original contributions and should not be published elsewhere or should not be under consideration for any publication at the same time.
  5. Manuscripts of the articles submitted to the journal will first be viewed by the editor, for the content suitability. Afterwards will be rewieved by the referees. Manuscripts which are not published will not be returned back to the authors.
  6. There should be a Turkish and English abstract at the begining of all articles submitted. The reviewing of manuscripts is based on the anonymity of the author and the confidentiality of readers’ and editors’ reports. To guaranty the anonymity in the review process, authors should include a separate title page with their name, institutional affiliation, full address and other detailed contact information. The title of the article alone should appear on the top of the first page of the manuscript.
  7. Complete manuscripts should be submitted to the editor, as an MS Word document, electronically via e-mail attachment.
  8. For English written articles, authors whose first language is not English should ensure that a draft of their article has been read and corrected by a competent person whose first language is English.
  9. All submitted articles to Near Architecture is the responsibility of the authors; for ensuring that their article’s conform to the journal’s style. The editors will not undertake retyping of manuscripts before publication.
  10. Manuscript should have 12 points Arial as font style for the main text with single spacing, leaving 3 cm margins on all sides of the A4 page. The main title should be 14 points Arial bold and sub-titles should be 12 points Arial bold.
  11. The length for submitted articles should be 4.000- 7.000 words.
  12. The article should begin with 12 points Arial style summary (abstract) of maximum 200 words. Abstract should be accompanied by4- 6 key words or phrases that characterise the content of the article.
  13. All the figures and tables should be placed next to the relevant text within the manuscript with consecutive numbers as referenced if needed. All plans, photos, pictures and graphics hould be named as figures. The corresponding caption should be placed directly below the figure or table. The caption font for tables and figures should be 10 points Arial style.
  14. References should be given within the text rather than as footnotes (Gür, 2000:91).
  15. Reference list should be arranged in an alphabetical order at the end of the main text. For referencing a book: Gürkan, H. M. (1996), Kıbrıs Tarihinden Sayfalar, Lefkoşa: Galeri Kültür Yayınları. For referencing an article, for example: Steg, L. & Vlek, C. (2009), Encouraging pro-environmental behaviour: An integrative review and research agenda, Journal of Environmental Psychology, 29, pp. 309-3
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